Path Breaking Innovation in Filtration

Challenges Faced By Traditional Sand Filters

  • Space: Sand filters occupy huge expensive space.
  • Redundancy & Associated Costs: Sand filter units need standby filters and multiple sets of backwash pumps, integration equipment, piping, valves, controls, etc.
  • Stopping for Backwash: Sand filters or other auto self-cleaning filters generally do not yield filtrate during backwash cycle.
  • Integration Logic, Automation: Sand filter installations are complex and feature multiple valves, interconnecting piping, gauges, pumps, automation panels, etc.
  • Quantum of Backwater Discharge: If suspended solids load is high, backwash frequency rises. Backwash effluent is often between 10-15% of inlet and at times even higher.
  • Algae: In warm countries, algae bloom fast. Sand filters choke frequently because algae settle and reproduce in the sand bed, finally requiring change of sand.
  • Electricity Consumption: Separate backwash pump, feed pump, multiple valves and other electrical equipments comprising sand filtration units consumes lot of power.
  • Sand needs to be replaced at regular intervals: Sand is expensive, and is an environmentally sensitive product, with diminishing availability.
  • Manpower: In a sand filtration unit, a person is needed to monitor and turn on and turn off the backwash cycle, and to occasionally replace sand.
  • Traditional Sand Filter

    As we were developing the technology, we thought of working on basic fundamental and related issues of Sand filter or other depth filters. In the process. we designed RIPBAC™ technology and applied for a patent for this technology. We also used various unique ways which eventually helped overcome all these challenges.

    We are glad that our 7th generation product is at your service and overcomes all these challenges! We therefore named the filter as, PROMISE which stands for:

    Advantages of PROMISE

  • Space: It needs only 15-20% of the space occupied by a sand filtration installation.
  • Redundancy & Associated Costs: It needs no standby filter, no multiple components and installs easily .
  • Stopping for Water Backwash: PROMISE with its patent pending technology, guarantees non-stop 24x7 filtrate output, even during backwash.
  • Integration Logic, Automation: It is a simple bolted construction filter with only one housing, pump and gearbox.
  • Quantum of Backwater Discharge: PROMISE confirms backwash effluent levels as low as 5%, and if one is aiming at reducing it further or achieve zero discharge, an add-on component can reduce the discharge further.
  • Algae: PROMISE is ‘tropicalised’. It is designed to simply filter and flush out the algae, and if the algae bloom is heavy, a small dose of recommended algae inhibitor in the inlet suffices.
  • Electricity Consumption: PROMISE is a huge power saver! Needs nothing beyond a feed pump, motor and gear box. Backwash is superb – it uses a combination of feed pump pressure, gravity and Venturi effect.
  • Replaceable Consumables: It puts the environment first! It requires no consumables whatsoever. Most of its components are of rigid stainless steel construction, lasts long, and hardly need replacement.
  • Manpower: PROMISE is entirely automated. It needs no labour, and all monitoring is electronic.
  • Why PROMISE is Revolutionary

  • PROMISE does not need extra space, extra power or even valves and piping for stage additions during upgradation or modification.
  • Protect your Investment! You can reuse the entire existing filter.
  • # Next stage is added on top of the existing. Going vertical requires no extra floor space!
    # In case of high variation in Solid load, adding a stage gives you more filtration capacity.
    # No additional power consumption because pumping & backwash mechanism remains the same.
    # No need for checking synchronization with other filters, as expanded filter simply works as one.

    PROMISE makes your investment future proof!

  • To get better quality of treated water or to handle elevated load of suspended solids you now need to modify or upgrade the existing setup,
  • In case of sand filter, for adding capacity you need more space, vessels, piping, valves, gauges, pressure booster pumps, backwash pumps, storage tanks, etc.
  • At times with sand filters, it may not be possible. You may simply have to scrap the existing one and go for expensive new filtration setup.
  • With PROMISE, the answer is the same: Add another stage or two, and change the elements so that the suspended solid load is divided across multiple stages as the filter elements used in each stage is different.
  • FILTER PROMISE™: Multi Stage Auto Self Cleaning Filters treat all types of water containing suspended solids. It physically filters out suspended solids, particles, macro – organisms and other solid contaminants.


    # Industrial Systems and Equipment
    # Modern Agricultural Irrigation Systems
    # Water Systems
    # Pipeline and Fittings
    # Desalination Plants

    By Preventing

    # Mechanical Corrosion and Damages
    # Fouling
    # Blockages

    By Reducing

    # Chemical Consumption
    # Energy Consumption
    # Maintenance and Operating Cost

    With a range from 20m3/hr to 1000m3/hr, PROMISE covers entire spectrum of industrial needs.